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Catalog of Varieties

The longan or dragons eye is the more temperate relative of the glamorous lychee. Longan (Euphoria langana): Related to the lichi nut, the fruit is spherical and varies from 3/4" to 1 - 1/2" in diameter. Many Chinese prefer the longan to the lychee since it has a distinctive musky flavor and is not overly sweet. It has a thin leather light brown skin that can easily be peeled off the fruit. The edible part is a whitish, somewhat translucent gelatinous aril which surrounds a shiny dark brown seed. The flavor is sweet and pleasant. It tastes similar to a grape. When refrigerated the fruit taste very refreshing. It is high in vitamin C and Potassium. Picking season varies

 kohala  longan

Brewster Lychee Available in June Most popular Lychee in Florida, Brewster about 1� inches in diameter . The Brewster is dark red-brown to purplish rough skin and the pearly white flesh is sweet , juicy and fragrant.  brewster lychee

Haak Yip - From China. Medium sized fruit, red, sweet and of excellent quality. Foliage is a dark green color (the name means "black leaf" ) and fruiting is fairly regular. Large, greenish-red fruit with delicious, crisp and sweet taste. Fruit ripens in May. Haak Yip Lychee Fruit Available May- june  Haak Yip lychee

The Mauritius variety, named after the African island of Mauritius, east of Madagascar, where the seedling originated. Mauritius fruit typically ripens several weeks earlier than Brewster distinguished by the pinkish skin color. The delicious sub-acid sweet flavor of Mauritius fruit is spicier and slightly tart distinctly different than Brewster. Another favorable characteristic of the Mauritius is the higher percentage of small seeds . Mauritius is main variety grown in S. Fla due to reliable bearing.  Haak Yip lychee

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